Overview of Post-K Performance Evaluation Environment

perf_predict - post-K performance prediction tool on FX100 system

Perf_predict is a command tool to predict the approximate applications performance on post-K computer. The perf_predict command runs on FX100 system login node, and predicts the application performance on post-K using the measured statistics on FX100. The schematic view of the performance prediction workflow is shown below. The perf_predict command is used at the last stage of the flow. It runs on FX100 system login node, reads the CSV files obtained through the series of FX100 precision PA runs as illustrated above, then transfers the data to the back-end custom service that predicts the post-K performance, and finally produces the predicted results in graphically represented PDF file.

Riken Simulator

Riken Simulator is a simulator for Post-K processor developed by Riken. It can estimate an execution time of a simple program on a Post-K processor, and can get an information about cache miss rate, SIMD instruction rate, etc. Riken Simulator is based on an open-source processor simulator 'gem5' those processor model in Out-Of-Order mode is a general model not Post-K itself. So there are several difference between Riken simulator and Post-K. It is useful for evaluating the relative performance by tuning effects such as changing compiler options and rewriting source code.